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Women musicians! Let’s get together and learn about our bodies!

The body map is a representation of the body in the brain, the perceptions that we have of our own bodies that influence our movements for any activity. Interaction with people and all the messages from the “outside” shape the body map, our own perception of the self.

So, bodies are not just bones, muscles, and organs; bodies also have different meanings.

(Your) B(ody) on Stage is a two-part course and it’s designed to explore some aspects of your physical body (by using Body Mapping), social ideas related to it, and how these interrelate in your experiences as a woman in music making.

In this way we can learn about our experiences and ideas creating a safe space, while keeping the intimate and quiet personal moments of reflection.

We will discuss topics related to femininity and posture, movement, and power.

I will draw on some feminist theory and Body Mapping

What you need is:

  • To be self-identified as a woman
  • To be a musician
  • To be open to listening to others
  • To be respectful
  • Willingness to write and to be in contact with your body

Part I entails 4 live classes and starts in November 2017

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Gabriela's picture: Gabriela is a certified Body Mapping teacher and holds music and gender studies degrees.