B on Stage

Your Body on Stage. A Space for women musicians! by Gabriela Sanchez

I am fascinated by the body and its relation to music making. Studying and understanding anatomic models and images opened a door for me. I still keep exploring my own body and applying all this knowledge to my musical practice.

Like another layer, later on I started to think about bodies as shaped by ideas and beliefs within a society. The body map is a representation of the body in the brain, the perceptions that we have of our own bodies that influence our movements for any activity. Interaction with people and all the messages from the “outside” shape the body map, our own perception of the self.

So, bodies are not just bones, muscles, and organs; bodies also have different meanings.

All bodies and experiences are important, however B on Stage (Your Body on Stage) is a series of classes for only women musicians based on my master’s degree in gender studies.

The purpose of these classes is to explore ideas about femininity within a society; the perception of the body, its movement, size, and posture; and how these interrelate in the experiences of women in music making. Self-reflection and group discussion are an important part of these classes.

Word cloud: Explore, smile, body, balance, movement, awareness, small, open, music, breathing, femininity, etc.

 Next course:  2019!

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Some past comments about the course:

“I liked the Body Mapping [information] a lot, but mostly I liked connecting Body Mapping (and movement more generally) with larger cultural/gender/identity issues.

I really enjoyed the course and the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences. Thank you.”

“I loved the opportunity to explore the interconnections between Body Mapping, gender, and music. This is something I have thought about a fair amount and this was a great opportunity to dive deeper.

The self reflective element combined with the insights from Gabriela’s research was really valuable.”