WEM Course

Gabriela teaching head balance.

One core belief in Body Mapping is that music education should be based in somatic principles. Musicians can avoid limitation and injuries by the exploration and discovery of their own bodies and with accurate information of how they move.

“What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body” (WEM) is a course for musicians that The Association for Body Mapping Education teach. Students learn about the body, develop awareness, and apply this to their own music practice and teaching.

The goal of WEM is to identify where there is tension and pain in the body, to understand the causes, and, if necessary, to make changes in the perception and ideas about the body.

Some of the topics in the course are: the right way of sitting or standing when we play, the movement of our arms, and how breathing impacts our performances.

Fluidity, freedom within the body, ease, and improvement in sound quality are some of the benefits of applying Body Mapping to the practice of your instrument(s).

The length of the course can be one, three, or six hours. If you are interested in a presentation of the WEM course for your school, music festival, or orchestra OR you are interested in doing an online webinar for your studio…

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Gabriela talking about the movements of the spine