Private Lessons

Gabriela showing the hand structure with an anatomical model.

When you practice or play any instrument, limitation comes from different sources such as any tension in your body. Sometimes the tension in your body can lead to pain, and later you can develop an injury. In the process of learning the music, we  learn postures that are harmful to our bodies and our musical interpretation.

Tension, pain, and injuries are examples of limitations in music making.

I invite you to discover why you develop tension in certain parts of your body while playing and to learn how to release tension and prevent injuries related to music performance.

Find the freedom you need to perform. In private lessons we will focus on your questions and needs.

One 60 min. lesson:                             $55

No matter where you are, many musicians are taking Body Mapping classes on Skype.

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*In Canadian dollars. Payments by PayPal and e-transfer within Canada.

“Before taking Body Mapping lessons I had a feeling of stiffness and tension while playing the piano. With every class that I’ve taken I’m experiencing lots of change in this.

Now, I feel fluidity when I play. My [body] movements and the sound feel free, like buoyant. It is a good feeling that allows me to play without tension and to feel in charge of what I want to do in my music.”

Diana Sophia, piano