The study and the comprehension of anatomical information has always fascinated me, and more when noticing the strong relationship it has to music performance. Looking at this in a deeper way, I started thinking about bodies shaped by ideas and beliefs within a society.

A body map is the representations of a part of the body in the brain, however, interactions with people and the messages from the “outside” are also shaping the body map and our own perception of the self. Therefore, bodies are not just bones, muscles, and organs; bodies also have different meanings.

Connecting Bodies: Music Performance, Femininity, and Body Mapping

This workbook is a tool to explore some ideas about femininity within a society; the perception of the body (its movement, size, and posture); and how these interrelate in the experiences of women in music making.

Connecting Bodies is designed for Body Mapping practitioners interested in a connection between the physical body and social elements.

In it you will find a bit of theory by key feminists, different stories from female musicians who also do Body Mapping, exercises and questions to explore your own experiences within this framework.

Here are some sample pages from the workbook:

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