Musicians and Injuries

Recover, discover, or create a connection between the things that you do (playing / singing / conducting) and your body. Avoid an injury caused by the constant practice of a musical instrument. Allow yourself to experience playing without pain or discomfort. Find freedom through Body Mapping.

When we practice, sometimes we feel pain or discomfort in our wrists, or in the arms or hands, or maybe some tension in our bodies. We might feel better by doing some stretches or going to a massage, but sometimes we will end up at the doctor’s office. Then, the period of uncertainty begins. The time it takes to be diagnosed, find the right treatment for our injury, and to be able to play again without pain can vary.

One hand holding another forearm and wrist.

One of the common problems that musicians face is the disconnection from their bodies, which creates pain and injuries. Usually, music education does not consider the importance of the relationship between the body and the instruments that musicians play. Music is not understood as a physical discipline, such as dance or sports. The body is a medium for expression and where the technique of an instrument resides, and so we need our body as an ally. Your body sends signals, for example when it needs a break or when there is a movement that is causing pain. Do you pay attention to these signals? Or do you ignore them?

Sometimes, besides the physical frustration, we do not perceive the support of teachers and colleagues. Our pain and/or limitation becomes a secret as we try to hide it from others, thinking that we are not seriously injured and we will recover soon.

Certainly the way we act in response to pain or injury will shape the path that our musical careers will take.