Four mallets on the marimba
Photo: Gina Snooks©

Body Mapping is a method that is applied to all musical instruments. As a certified teacher, I can guide musicians who play any instrument in the discovery of the relationship between their body and the way they play. Moreover, I am the only certified teacher who is a percussionist. I have applied Body Mapping to my practice and I understand how the body functions in some of the techniques for playing percussion instruments.

I have met several percussionists who suffer from injuries due to the tension in their bodies while practicing for long periods. Another reason for injuries in percussionists is the lack of knowledge of how the body moves when playing percussion instruments—for example marimba. In the process of learning the music, we also learn postures that are harmful to our bodies and our musical interpretation.

If you are a percussionist and you are interested in applying Body Mapping to your practice, contact me or book a lesson.