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Workshops in February 2023!

A Whole Body: Breathing and Arms 1 4-5:30 ET

February 8: Breathing

1 Workshop

We will understand how breathing happens, starting with basic information of breathing and the role of awareness.

Breathing is important for all musicians, not only for singers and wind /brass players.

We will notice and experience how the breath connects with all your body. We want to understand its importance, but also, we want to discover, feel, and enjoy the benefits of breathing.

February 22: Arms 1

2 Workshop

In the second workshop we will explore Arms 1. On this day we will focus on the neck and shoulder region.

We will examine the causes of pain and discomfort in the upper back related to the movement of the arms.

We will understand, find, and experience some movements that could bring ease in our activities.

These workshops are open to musicians and all people interested in the topics.

Gabriela at the Museum of Contemporary Art