Experiment, Move & Play

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or call: (709)  770 -3342

The exploration of the body and learning accurate information about it has been fundamental in my process as a musician and as a person. My training in classical music, and my past beliefs, shaped me so that having control and the search for perfection were essential in my life. The exploration of new forms in music was not encouraged.

After experiencing tendonitis, in an effort to connect with my body, I started practicing yoga.  Years later I gave it up for a busy performance schedule. I assumed that body, movement, and music couldn’t exist together. Body Mapping allowed me to make that connection and start a new process…

The idea of Experiment, Move & Play is to open a space where we can link the exploration of the physical body with the creative self. The body is a medium for our performances. Using Body Mapping we will learn about how we are naturally designed to move, not only to avoid injuries or tension, but also to identify and work through limitations. At the same time, we will give room for the spontaneous through some improvisation.

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Experiment, Move & Play

Wednesdays Mar. 1 – Apr. 19, 2017       7 – 8 pm

The Lantern (35 Barnes Road St. John’s, NL)

Eight sessions for all performers (musicians, dancers, etc.) to connect with their bodies, discover their movements based on accurate information (Body Mapping), and create.

Musicians, if you can, bring an instrument!

Be aware of your body and integrate this into your performances

Explore your sound and movements

Come and play with us!

Cost: $ 115 general                       Students: $ 100


Please email to:  contacto@bodymapstudio
or call: (709)  770 -3342

In order to make sure this event is happening a minimum of participants is required. Please register if you plan on attending.