Your Body on Stage: A Space for Women Musicians!


 How important is my body when I play music?
Can the understanding of my body transform my performances?
In what ways can the perceptions of my body limit my expression?
Gabriela Sanchez and Corie Harnett in a performance doing some Body Mapping.
Photo: Tamara Segura ©

I play percussion. I navigated music performance settings on autopilot. The only important thing was that I had to practice enormous amounts of time to achieve good lessons, good rehearsals, good performances, auditions, and so on.

I realized that I had a body when I had tendonitis, when I was in my third year of my undergrad. My journey to discover my body and the intimate relationship that it has with my playing started by going to several doctors. Eventually, I was able to play again.

It wasn’t until I studied my Master’s degree and took Body Mapping lessons that I truly encountered my body, its size, structure, and some of its functions. One of the best parts is that I found a three-dimensional body!

Later on, some questions started popping into my head. I thought that there was a relationship between the physical body, music performances, AND the social meanings of that body. I’ve explored these thoughts while completing a Master’s in Gender Studies.

Your Body on Stage:

A Space for Women Musicians!

Wednesday Nov. 16 – Dec. 7, 2016  7-8:30 pm

These are four classes designed to explore some aspects of your body, social ideas related to it, and how these interrelate in your experiences as a woman in music making.

We will discuss topics related to femininity and posture, movement, and power. Self-reflection and group discussion are important in these classes. I will draw on some feminist theory and fundamental concepts of Body Mapping.

If you are a woman musician (recommended age 18-40):

•Discover your body and integrate it with your music

    •Recognize ideas that block your path and transform them

        •Gain more skills to play!

Cost: $75 general                       Students: $60

The Lantern                                                                                            35 Barnes Road St. John’s, NL A1C 3X1

In order to make sure this event is happening a minimum of participants is required.


You can contact me or call: (709)  770 -3342